Standers Safety Bed Rail, 30″ On Sale

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Features :
  • ¿ Bed Rail-prevents rolling or falling out of bed, providing safety and security for user
  • ¿ Collapsible-Rail folds down to side of bed to allow user to get out of bed or provide space for making bed
  • ¿ Reversible-Can be placed on either side of the bed
  • Meets medical grade requirements

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Adding a support rail to a bed gives caregivers peace of mind because it helps keep loved ones safe. The 30″ Safety Bed Rail works well as a side rail for preventing falls, as well as a support bar for getting in and out of bed. The rail also folds down and out of the way when it isn’t in use – a great feature when it’s time to make the bed. Can be installed on either side of the bed in between the mattress and box spring. It attached to the bed frame with a dual safety strap which keeps it from getting bumped out of place.

buy Standers Safety Bed Rail, 30

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Standers Safety Bed Rail, 30

Their testimonials about Standers Safety Bed Rail, 30″ :

Super factory support
My wife had previously fallen out of bed twice and the 30″ Standers Safety Bed Rail proved to be just what we needed to prevent a dangerous repetition. If the top of your bed spring is at least 14″ above the floor, the pivoting rail is capable of being easily and safely folded down flat against the side. This makes it easier to make the bed and improves overall appearance during the daytime. The product had a damaged tension spring (roll pin) as received. I called Standers, Inc. and was astounded at how graciously and completely they resolved the problem at their own initiative, at no added cost to us. In my book, they earned a five-star rating.

Well-made and great for Seniors!
Bought this for my 80 year old Mom, who was just leaving a nursing home and returning to her home after rehabbing for a broken leg. I was looking for a rail that would help her get in and out of bed. This is definitely well-made and easy to assemble….I am a chick and I put it together and got it on the bed all by my little ole self. It was a bit bigger than expected, so I had to place it towards the bottom of bed so she could swing her legs past it to get in. The padded pouch is nice….she keeps her remote and eyeglasses in it. FYI!!!! If you buy the pouch, they actually put the center bar IN there, so if you notice it’s missing, look in the pouch!! The only negative….We never use the fold down option, and the way it works, it would not be easy for my Mom to manipulate…..only downside really.

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buy Standers Safety Bed Rail, 30

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