Polar RCX5 TDF Premium Heart Rate Monitor (Yellow/Black) SALE

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buy Polar RCX5 TDF Premium Heart Rate Monitor (Yellow/Black)

Features :
  • Provides heart rate even in water with the comfortable hybrid transmitter
  • ZoneOptimizer coaches you to train at the right intensity
  • Sport profiles guarantee a swift switch between different sports
  • Includes G5 GPS sensor, CS speed sensor W.I.N.D. and the s3+ stride sensor for cycling and running speed, distance, pace measurement
  • Light (46g) and always ready for use with no need for charging

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Optimized Training in a Limited Edition. For endurance athletes who want to train like Tour de France pros.

buy Polar RCX5 TDF Premium Heart Rate Monitor (Yellow/Black)

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Polar RCX5 TDF Premium Heart Rate Monitor (Yellow/Black)

Their testimonials about Polar RCX5 TDF Premium Heart Rate Monitor (Yellow/Black) :

Best Yet!!
This is a review for the Polar TDF Premium Bundle. First of all, I have to say that this is a fantastic training tool/coach that can be worn as an oversized watch in a pinch. Here is a breakdown of features:

I must say that the very best feature and true power of the RCX5 is their wonderful website. On the website you can set up training schedules and you can upload the data from your watch onto the site to keep track of each and every training session on their calendar. Using the GPS feature of the premium bundle, the site will map on google maps your path, and the site will generate wonderful charts with pretty much any information you want, pace, heartrate, time, etc at every point along your route. I mean, that’s just fantastic. This is like having a personal trainer / coach that is tracking everything you are doing. You can go back to every point in your race and think back on how you were feeling, why you slowed down, etc…

Another Great Product from Polar!
This is a great watch and looks good with yellow. This is a great bundle with all the needed accessories included. No regrets!

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buy Polar RCX5 TDF Premium Heart Rate Monitor (Yellow/Black)

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