MedReady 1600 Basic Medication Dispenser Big Discount

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Features :
  • Did I take those morning pills? Double dosing on medication is a problem for people with memory issues or a complicated medication routine. This lockable medication dispenser will prevent medication errors like overdosing. It also serves as a reminder.
  • Stores up to 28 days of medication if dispensed once a day or a week’s worth if dispensed 4 times a day. Set 1 to 4 daily alarms to match your medication regimen and let the MedReady do the rest.
  • The pill dispenser alarms set easily, just like an alarm clock. The only way to turn the alarm off is to open the door to the medication compartment. The standard alarm rings continuously until the door is opened, but this alarm can be limited to 30, 45, 60 or 250 minutes.
  • MedReady is tamper-resistant. Instead of employing a latch, the system utilizes a real lock and key, and the edges are secure. This deters “fiddling” with the medications by people with Alzheimer’s or other memory issues. (Please Note: The MedReady is not the answer for restriction of addictive drugs. If an addicted person wants access to the drugs, they may be able to break into the MedReady.)
  • Dimensions: Overall Diameter: 11″; Pill Compartments: 1″ x 0.5″ x 0.75″

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Pill dispenser organizer features a locking mechanism and a loud alarm to help prevent medication errors.

buy MedReady 1600 Basic Medication Dispenser

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MedReady 1600 Basic Medication Dispenser

Their testimonials about MedReady 1600 Basic Medication Dispenser :

Well worth the price
I purchased this for my mother who has the early stages of Alzheimers. She had been double dosing her meds or not taking them and now with the MedReady Automatic Medication dispenser she’s back on track! Because my mother only has to take pills twice a day that allows me to to put 14 days worth of pills in the dispenser. Setting the dispensing time is just like setting an alarm clock-super easy! The alarm is loud but mom still has trouble hearing it if she’s 2 rooms away with the TV on. It comes with 2 keys and when you place the key inside the lock & open it the key stays in the lock so it doesn’t get lost. It runs on AC power but has a back up battery if the power should go out.
Along with this item I also purchased a 2nd pill tray so that I could just easily swap out the trays inside the dispenser. The spare tray comes with a clear snap on lid so your pills stay in place where they should be.

A pretty good dispenser.
Before you buy this product, there are a few things you should know. First of all, this dispenser is not tamper-proof. Maybe it qualifies for tamper resistant, but if someone wanted to break it, and get all the pills out, they could. It would probably be most suitable for someone who needs help remembering when to take their pills and who need reassurance that they will know if they took them or not. The buzzer goes off, and will stop when you open the door and take out your next dosage.

Generally I have been happy with this dispenser.

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