McDavid Ps Ii Hinged Knee Stabilizer (Black,-Medium Get Rabate

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Features :
  • 3/16″ thermal neoprene provides therapeutic heat retention and compression
  • Two sided nylon construction for durability
  • Two velcro straps and four elastic crossing straps for additional ligament support

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Polycentric hinged knee brace with molded condyle pads, rigid uprights for additional medial-lateral support, fits right or left knee

buy McDavid Ps Ii Hinged Knee Stabilizer (Black,-Medium

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McDavid Ps Ii Hinged Knee Stabilizer (Black,-Medium

Their testimonials about McDavid Ps Ii Hinged Knee Stabilizer (Black,-Medium :

Good off-the-shelf product.
I don’t mind the bulkiness, since I like the external armor feel. But I do have to Lysol it after I use it. Yesterday I did one hour moderate cardio on the elliptical, and it was completely soaked by the end of the workout. I will have to wash it. Also, you can only wear it for a couple of hours.

I put them on before going dancing. I can stay on the dance floor longer. This design is intended to provide compression, but because of this, by the end of the night, they become uncomfortable.

I’m looking for an upgrade, but something on the higher end, such as a Don Joy, that, unfortunately, requires a prescription, which is a bit of a hassle. This one you can just buy off the shelf.

good knee stabilizer
Good but a bit bulky. Does what it’s supposed to do and probably the best commonly found knee brace available. Still it’s bulky and needs to be washed often (after removing the metal hinges each time and then reinserting once done) to avoid smelling.
Hopefully more light weight design and materials will be available soon but this product is good overall.

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buy McDavid Ps Ii Hinged Knee Stabilizer (Black,-Medium

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