Geemarc Ampli600 Amplified Emergency Connect Phone Discount !!

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Features :
  • Up to 50 dB adjustable amplification with speaker phone
  • Two waterproof remote emergency transmitters included with 6 number emergency auto dial
  • Hearing Aid Compatible
  • Large easy to read backlit Caller ID with large 1 inch buttons
  • Programmable emergency voice announcement.

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The Amplified Emergency Connect (AEC) Phone is an amplified phone with Caller ID, speakerphone and emergency connect features all in one unit. The emergency connect feature gives you the peace of mind of a security service, without the monthly monitoring fees. One year warranty.

buy Geemarc Ampli600 Amplified Emergency Connect Phone

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Geemarc Ampli600 Amplified Emergency Connect Phone

Their testimonials about Geemarc Ampli600 Amplified Emergency Connect Phone :

I bought the Clarity P300 phone for $38.99 and after 11 weeks it broke and I toss it in the trash, I figured you get what you pay for. So I bought this phone and Wow! Loud ring with flashing light, easy programable keys for six family/friends numbers. Three programable keys for emergency numbers (e.g. 911, doctor, hospital/doctor). Now the best a SOS key where you can program up to six numbers to be automatically called in case of an emergency with two small remote activators that you can wear on your wrist like a watch or around your neck. Press the RED SOS button on the phone or the remote device activator and the phone automatically calls the first emergency number and when the person answers it plays your pre-recorded message (e.g. “Bill this is Dad I’m in trouble get over here right away.”). Then Bill can press any number key on his phone and that will automatically activate the speaker phone option on this phone so you can talk with Bill if you are close enough to the phone,…

Good Emergency Phone for the money
I bought this phone for my mother-in-law who’s about 75 and has had a few events in the last few years that have left her at home on the floor looking for help. Aside from these relatively rare events she’s as fit and active as someone half her age, but the family has been increasingly worried.

We looked at emergency medical alert services but they are relatively expensive for someone on a fixed income. As an alternative this phone fit the bill as it cost what 2 or 3 months of one of these aforementioned services would have cost.

It works very well with the remote transmitters that are about the size of a thick silver dollar that can be worn as a pendant or watch. They set off the phone from anywhere in her house and large yard without a hitch. It’s relatively easy to program and operate.

I just got it set up yesterday and tested it out with the six family members who are on the phone’s call list and it worked perfectly. So much so and so easily…

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