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Features :
  • Great for people who are recovering from hip, knee or bariatric surgeries
  • Buy it all together in a kit and save
  • Provides you the products most often recommended by therapists for post-hip surgery patients

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Dressing stick, 26″ Reacher, round bath sponge(color may vary) ,shoehorn, sockaid with foam handles, 3 pair white 24″ elastic shoe laces.

buy Deluxe Hip/Knee Kit

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Deluxe Hip/Knee Kit

Their testimonials about Deluxe Hip/Knee Kit :

Somewhat disappointed
The grabber is great but the sock aid is very flimsy and plyable. I had to replace it with one I purchased at my rehab center. The shoe horn is way too short for someone who has had a hip replaced and can not bend too well. The long sponge is fine and I don’t use the garment aid.

It depends on the patient…
After my wife had to have an unexpected hip replacement, her physical therapist strongly recommended we get this kit. I think it might be useful for someone who has good small motor skills and good coordination, but my wife doesn’t, so she can really only use most of the devices with my assistance – which more or less defeats the purpose! And the grabber is so wimpy that, while it can retrieve a sock or a handkerchief, it has problems with a newspaper section or a magazine (I got a far sturdier, and longer, one at Target for about $10). Essentially I am writing off the $25 as money well spent to keep our very good therapist happy. For someone who is high-functioning and temporarily hampered by a hip operation, this kit might be a good purchase (apart from the grabber…), but for an older person who is already having problems prior to the operation, it may not help much.

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buy Deluxe Hip/Knee Kit

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