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Features :
  • Equipped with slip-resistant rubber tips to grip the tub floor
  • Adjustable aluminum legs help provide a stable base
  • Height adjustment in 1 inch increments from 15 1/2 inches to 20 1/2 inches
  • Weight capacity is 250 lbs

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This stool is ideal for narrow tubs and places where a regular chair won’t fit. It is equipped with slip-resistant rubber tips to grip the tub floor. Its adjustable aluminum legs help provide a stable base.

buy Carex Round Shower Stool

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Carex Round Shower Stool

Their testimonials about Carex Round Shower Stool :

It is supposed to get wet!
I put the chair together and have been using it for a month now after foot surgery. I notice that rust has started around the middle screw holding all the legs together. I thought this was strange since it is a shower chair and will on occasion get wet. It also said it was adjustable. You must have to be REALLY strong to get those pegs to move because they have not budged. The height is good for what I need now, but I thought I could continue using it as a stool later on. Guess that is not to be. Don’t get me wrong, I do like it. I mean it is the only round one I have found and is easy to move around on it. Just wish it was more user friendly on the buttons and did not have part of the assembly rusting. I don’t think it is the big screw it self that I rusting, but the ring that goes around it maybe.

Being cautious wasn’t enough
I had read reivews so I coated the bolts and washers with clear acrylic to prevent their rusting. I also enlarged the very small openings in the rubber caps for the legs, to allow water to pass through more easily. However, after a few weeks rust started showing up where the legs were draining. The legs are made of aluminum and wouldn’t rust, so I guess it must the springs inside them allowing the legs to be adjusted causing the rust. I’m not sure, but rust was there. I finally threw it away yesterday.

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